About Us

Who are you dealing with?

This 24/7 Time Lapse Android Application is designed and developed by Portable Electronics Ltd, a 100% New Zealander owned and operated company. Portable Electronics Ltd mainly operates online out of home office to reduce operating costs, so that we can pass on the savings to you.

We have presence and representatives in New Zealand, Australia and China who may be available to meet and discuss your needs.

Portable Electronics Ltd was started with the intention to provide consumers with multi-purpose high quality portable gadgets at a fantastic price and after-sales service. Existing only to provide end-users with their long sought after dream gadgets and to improve their way of life.

However, as the business develops, we see opportunity in providing software and hardware solution to business users and this 24/7 Time Lapse Android Application is one of the many initiatives we have undertaken to expand the scope of our business.

Portable Electronics Ltd is a registered limited liability company in New Zealand. Our company number is 1805301 and our incorporation certificate can be viewed here. We are also GST registered and our New Zealand GST registration number is 93-820-061. We are registered in Australia as well and our ABN number is 31997329955.

What is this 24/7 Time Lapse Android Application about?

This application is one of the applications we have designed and developed that we believe will be beneficial to users, bringing you unique features that is better than the traditional methods.

Why we are doing this?

The increasing market share, rapid replacement cycle and the declining cost of Smartphone means that almost everyone will have an unused perfectly functional Android smartphone somewhere waiting to be reused. In other words, we are trying to create a new way for you to reuse your old Android device for a new purpose with minimial initial setup cost.

Currently, smartphone is already replacing the traditional digital camera due to its convenience and ever improving camera quality. There is no doubt that this trend will continue indefinitely.

By taking advantage on this, we are trying to build a platform that will make the smartphone a convenient and attractive device for taking time lapse photography. We hope that our application will eventually be adapted and widely used by professional time lapse photographers.

Business strategy and capability

In this business, we will provide a range of advanced features in the paid version of the application. In addition, we will also setup a series of online services which we believe is indispensible for time lapse photography. These online services will be mainly be accessed using a computer.

For those with special needs, we could also provide a customized version of our application with/without our online service.

Target customer

This 24/7 Time Lapse photopgrahy is mainly targeted towards photographers who like to take time lapse photos as their profession or as their hobby. Since time lapse photography is mainly used in outdoor locations, our application is especially designed and optimized for outdoor remote photography.

This application is mainly targeted for english speaking users but we would welcome non-english users to use our application as well. We would release translated version of this application in other languages as well if there is substantial demand for it.

Future direction

As long as there is a need, there will be a solution out there.

Whatever you have seen on this site or inside our application only consists of things we have already implemented. We have a lot of ideas to make it better but we can't do it without your support. We will strive to continuously improve our 24/7 Time Lapse application, adding new features, making it more valuable and useful to you.

If you have like to provide us feedback, suggestions, new features, etc, please feel free to do so in our Feedback forum.