Features of 24/7 Time Lapse Android Application

Ultra low power consumption

Optimized for the lowest power consumption possible on Android, allowing you to take photos for at least one whole day continuously at 1 min interval on a single charge.

Screen rotate button allowing you to quickly flip the preview window around by 180 degree, so you can take photo with more flexibility.

247timelapse - Ultra low power consumption
247timelapse - Background mode

Background mode

Allows you to take photos continuously at preset intervals by running in the background until you exit the application.

Customizable storage space & location

You can determine the maximum amount of space allocated for 24/7 Time Lapse photography, enable/disable space recycling as well as the location to store the photos.

247timelapse - Customizable storage space & location
247timelapse - Build-in photo browser

One folder per photo session

Photos are saved in separate folders for each photo session you recorded to allow you to easily find them.

Build-in photo browser

Allows you to view the photos taken on the device directly.

247timelapse - Build-in photo browser

247timelapse - Adjust camera focus mode

Adjust camera/photo settings

You can change the photo resolution, camera focus mode, led flash and change/remove* the information embedded into each photos.

* to remove embedded info, untick the boxes and remove the words in the title field (paid version only).

General settings

  • You can change the date/time format to your liking.
  • Shutter sound is disabled by default to save power.
  • LCD screen will be keep on if you leave this app running in the foreground. In the general settings, you can adjust the screen brightness of the app when it is running in the forground and taking photos, lower the screen brightness if you want to save power. The LCD screen will turn off according to your device's settings when in background mode.
  • Logging is for debugging purposes only.

247timelapse - Adjustable shutter sound & screen brightness


247timelapse - Power management settings

Power Management

When the app is running, you can start/stop photo capture by simply turning on/off your charger (paid version only). You can also automatically stop photo cature when the low power warning is triggered. When you are using an unstable power supply such as solar panel during time lapse capture which may result in the device rebooting, you can enable start at boot so that the app can resume capture without human intervention.


Overlay button

Movable overlay button allows you to turn on/off the photo taking session and even exit the application without launching it.

247timelapse - Overlay button

247timelapse - Install on SDcard

Install on SDcard

After the application is installed, you can move it into your SDcard to save space on your device's internal storage space.

Easy access settings page

Easily find and adjust all the settings for the application.
247timelapse - General Settings


Limitations for the 24/7 Time Lapse Free/Lite version

  • Application will exit if charger is connected for 20min (this is only to allow you to test the application to make sure it works when charger is connected.)
  • Photo resolution is limited to 2MP.
  • All exif image information including date taken, camera maker/model, exposure time, flash mode, etc is not recorded in the saved photo.

Device limitations

  • Do NOT use another camera app when you are capturing with 247timelapse, otheriwse photos won't be taken and will result in camera errors.
  • On some devices, such as Nexus S, you will see the phone is switched to vibrate mode after you launch this app because this app will mute the photo taking sound by default


If you want to maximize your battery life when using this application, before you start photo capture, make sure you turn on airplane mode, check both WIFI and GPS are turned off. After photo capture is started, make sure you manually turn off the screen as well.
By doing so, you will be able to obtain the maximum battery life out of this application.