24/7 Time Lapse Free Android Application History/Download

If you are unable to access Google Play Market on your phone, you may download the 24/7 Time Lapse Free android application using the link below. Paid app is currently only available on Google Play market.

DateVersion change logDownload link
11/04/2012Version 0.10 - Initial beta release-

Version 0.11

- Updated initial dialog message and changed its looks

- Fixed camera bugs on some Android devices

- Auto recycle sdcard space when full, recycling can be disabled via option

- Stopped app exiting itself if you relaunch it right after you shut down the app

- Overlay button can now be easily relocated

- Added Flurry tracking

- Added App logging option for debugging

- Permit only 20min operation when charger is connected

- Auto turn off preview when LCD is off or goes to background


Version 0.2

- added date/time format option

- one folder will be used for each photo session

- option to log app data for debugging

- shows shutdown countdown in notification bar

- added low battery shutdown

- removed feedback page and modified about page

- removed Record Audio permission

- prompt to delete old photos from previous installation



Version 0.2.1

- added LED flash option and warning dialog



Version 0.3

- Fixed some device unable to capture photo when screen is off

- Added Android 4.4 support

- Added rotate screen button

- Added photo resolution display on the preview window

- Hide photos from Android media scanner, i.e. not show up in photo Gallery

- Added start at boot option to resume capture if forcibly closed while capturing photos

- Fixed notification bar which may show count down with incorrect value 

- Fixed config not saved

- Updated text in various locations

- Added number picker for capture interval

- Max space uses numeric keyboard for input

- Replaced words with images on buttons

- Misc bug fixes


Version 0.3.1

- added subfolder option

- removed space recycling dialog when screen is off, fixed app stop recording when space limit is reached

Direct download (US server)

Google Play Market (lite version)

Google Play Market (paid version)