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What is Time-lapse photography?

Wikipedia says "Time-lapse photography is a cinematography technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than that which will be used to play the sequence back. When replayed at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. For example, an image of a scene may be captured once every second, and then played back at 30 frames per second; the result would be an apparent increase of speed by 30 times. Time-lapse photography can be considered to be the opposite of high speed photography."

Time Lapse Photography has been around for a long time, it is not something new but has been around before Internet was even available. According to Wikipedia, "the first use of time-lapse photography in a feature film was in Georges Méliès' motion picture Carrefour De L'Opera (1897)". However, before the advert of camera equiped smartphones and the availability of time-lapse photography smartphone application, it is not practical for ordinary people to take time-lapse photographs. Therefore, the ability to take time-lapse photographs and then process it to create the time-lapse video is mainly limited to those in the profession or with professional camera capable of time-lapse photography.

These videos are examples of what you can create by using Time Lapse Photography. Do you have something in mind you plan to film to show the world?

With the arrival of Android 4.0, time-lapse photography is going to become a build-in feature of all Android devices. For those running Android 3.x or earlier, there had been a number of free and paid apps available too for you to take time-lapse photos/videos.

Advantage of 24/7 Time Lapse app

So, why do you want to use our 24/7 Time Lapse app instead?

One very simple reason.

  1. Ultra low power consumption
Compared to the alternatives. 
Our internal test shows that this application was able to capture photos for over 30hrs in a single charge using Nexus One, Android 2.3 using our application's default settings with the preview turned off. Our best competitor's application was only able to last at most 6 hr under the same conditions (see our comparsion page for more details).
If you want to maximize your battery life when using this application, before you start photo capture, make sure you turn on airplane mode, check both WIFI and GPS are turned off. After photo capture is started, make sure you manually turn off the viewfinder by touching it as well as turning off the device's LCD screen.
By doing so, you will be able to obtain the maximum battery life out of this application.
Note: this application may never be ported to Iphone because IOS does not permit the use of many power saving features we use in this application, e.g. running the application in background.
The user, Daniele Paolo Scarpazza who created the video below posted on Android Play Market and our feedback forum on March 30, 2015 (with version 0.3) says
This is the ONLY app that I found reliable enough to be used for serious, fault-tolerant, unattended, long-time use. The other apps, especially the ones that create the video on board of the device are not good enough, especially if they keep the frames in RAM and crash if unable to create the video at the end. This app won't lose your pictures. This app will write the frames to the SD card as soon as they are taken, and then you'll have all the freedom in the world to move them, edit them and make a movie on your desktop.
The keyword here is RELIABILITY and fault tolerance. If you plan to make an unattended installation on top of a mountain or in a weather balloon, you need to know that the app will reliably save your pictures you have been taking for a long period, even if nobody is there to click on "save the movie" at the end of the picture taking, even if android crashes, even if the battery dies, even if the phone itself crashes on the ground and you fish out the SD card from the wreckage. That's what I want. This app does it. This is a serious app. I trust it.
Below is an example of user created timelapse video generated from photos captured with 247timelapse. 

The first feedback posted on Android Play Market says
Robert on April 12, 2012 (HTC Shooter with version 0.1)
The claims are true
I've tested for 3 hours, capturing a photo every minute, and the battery level is the same as if the phone has not been used. 

Wearable life blogging camera

With our amazing battery life, it is now possible for you use your everyday phone as your wearable life blogging camera, capturing every moment in your life.
Why would you bother paying hundreds of dollars for a standalone life blogging camera when you can do it for FREE using 24/7 Time Lapse!!
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