247timelapse Android camera compatibility

If you try to use 247timelapse on some devices, the incompatibility of our power saving algorithm with the manufacturer's Android implementation means that 247timelapse will not take photo when the screen is off. However, it will take photo with the screen off when it is connected to a power supply or screen on when not connected to power supply. To keep the screen on, simply leave 247timelapse app running in the foreground. To save power when screen is on, you could configure the screen brightness to minimum inside Settings -> General -> Screen brightness

This table list this the compatibility of Android devices we have tested on

Device nameOS VersionTake photo when
screen offscreen onscreen off + connected to power supply
HTC G1Android 2.3.7 (EzGingerbread)
Nexus OneAndroid 2.3.6√ 
Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid 4.0.4 
Samsung Nexus SAndroid 4.1.2X√ 
Samsung Galaxy Express 4GAndroid 4.1.2X
Samsung Galaxy tabAndroid 2.3.6X
Samsung Galaxy SAndroid 2.3.3  
Samsung Galaxy S2Android 4.1X
Samsung Galaxy S3Android 4.1X
Samsung Galaxy S4 ZoomAndroid 4.2.2 / 4.4.2X
Sony Xperia ZAndroid 4.3 / 4.4.2